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Tom paints abstracts on canvas. These paintings below are sold, of course you are more than welcome to get in touch if you're interested in buying a new abstract, Tom can paint to size and budget. Because fundamentally ART is measure of something and everything has a cost.

paint brush.jpg
TM-J abstract.jpg
TM-J abstract 03.jpg
ART 2 copy.jpg
lemoncello mill rd paining.jpg
Porty painting.jpg
hill rise painting for web copy.jpg
chris white kitchen painting for web.jpg
Angel of chips painting tmj.jpg
Oi chip fingers.jpg
CHIPS one tmj.jpg
TMJ with large paintings.jpg

"I continue to enjoy your picture, more so than my wife I think. And at some point in the future it will be passed on to one of our children."

A (relatively) happy customer

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