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Tom live-draws for talks, poetry and music. He runs illustration workshops, indoors and out. He performs book events on stage at schools, educational institutes, libraries, museums and festivals. He creates murals and installations. Could his next collaboration be with you? Do get in touch if you are after an illustration workshop, book visit or talk, if you are looking for location specific art, an illustrated talk/lecture, poetry or musical performance, non location-specific art, specific art, non-specific art, art, specifics or even general specifics. I'm sure we can work something out that suits us both.




Tom live drew in Tam Dean Burn's 'AquaCulture FlagShipWreck' satirical performance for the National Theatre of Scotland. It was a piece devised by Tam as part of 'Dear Europe' - an evening of theatre on the eve of our departure from the EU.

AquaCulture FlagShipWreck square logo 01.jpg
Screenshot 2022-08-01 at 17.27.35.png

'The evening began on a generally sceptical and absurdist note, as iconic actor-performer Tam Dean Burn – along with musician Rachel Newton – rose up to deliver Aquaculture Flagshipwreck, a vivid 20 minute sequence of piratical musings, with visual images by Tom Morgan-Jones, on lice-ridden Norwegian-owned fish-farms and the evils of flag-waving nationalism.'


Joyce McMillan

NTS Photo credit @drewshutterbug

Amnesty reading TMJ.jpg

Tom was privileged to read poetry from an imprisoned poet at The Edinburgh International Book Festival. The poet wished to remain anonymous.


TBG white logo.jpg

TerrorBull Games have given various talks over the years including talks with Live draw-alongs.


Pictured talk is 'Playing with terrorism, money & religion: Resurrecting the forgotten tradition of the political board game' in 2015 at The Cutter Inn in Ely, England. Another memorable live draw event included a weekend appearance at Le Jardin D'Alice - Paris. Tom thinks this is a good place.



Over the years Tom has always enjoyed working with the multi talented Neu! Reekie! poetry/animation/production/live-literature folks. Kevin Williamson, Michael Pedersen, Kat Gollock & Davie Miller. All their souls are hearty.

Neu!Reekie! photography

Tam Dean Burn fronting the Bum Clocks at a Neu! Reekie! gig. Tom has live drawn at Neu Reekie events including good folks like Poets Liz Lockhead, Jackie Kay and Aidan Moffat (one half of Arab Strap) Hollie McNish, Rachel Sermanni & Louis Abbot ( Admiral Fallow ).

Bum Clocks dog ink.jpg
Bum clocks more dog ink.jpg

Neu!Reekie! photography


This KKK toothed Trump was drawn during a rendition of the song 'We Don’t Need This Fascist Stang o’ the Trump Groove Thang'


After live drawing an event with Hollie at the The Queens Hall in Edinburgh Tom was right otterly chuffed when a drawing he gave her appeared on her homepage. Otterly glorious.

Hollie website.jpg


This video is a collaboration with Michael Pedersen who is performing the poem 'Fancy Dress From Fancy Folk' from his book Oyster (Polygon Books, 2017). Music with permission of Lomond Campbell

Meltown LA.jpg

Meltdown exterior photo credit:

LA mural painting.jpg

TerrorBull Games had their first American War on Terror tournament at Meltdown Comics in Los Angeles, organized by the incomparable Bill Gilman (he's a special effects whizz, who took a whole bunch of strings OUT of the film Team America amongst many other Tinseltown credits). Al Gore's TV channel came down and interviewed the TerrorBull boys and Tom was honoured to add to the Meltdown 'Wall of History' - everytime an artist was invited to create a mural the Meltdown crew would erect another panel over the last piece of art. The room slowly got smaller but the archive built. Tom enjoyed snooping about the store and was tickled by how many original Robert Crumbs they had hanging about the place.

Screenshot 2022-01-18 at 15.00.03.png
Borders book festival schools gala day tmj cover ink.jpg

Here's Tom 'live' onstage at The Borders Book Festival Schools Gala Day 2022 with author Mairi Kidd 'doing' a book event based on their book 'STRONG BRAVE TRUE - Great Scots Who Changed the World and How You Can Too!'

Tom has illustrated over 75 books for children and does a lot of festival, library and school events, as well as other pop up appearances, including running drawing workshops with the Edinburgh Children's Hospital Charity. His largest live audiance to date is 750 at Hay, his smallest is bedside visits in Edinburgh's Children's Hospital.  You can find out more about his children book events and how to book him at his website which show cases his children's illustration work and resource development.

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